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    Parliament Workflow Study

    The Parliament Workflow Study is a one year research project inspired by the question "How is technology changing the work of politics?" The project focuses on understanding the day-to-day activities of the offices of Members of Parliament in 2023.


    To what extent are offices leveraging modern tools to do their work? Does technology have a significant effect on what they can get done? And how much does this vary between one office and another?


    By understanding and publishing these insights, we hope to improve the way that MPs run their offices, and thereby contribute to a flourishing democracy in the UK. If you are an MP or work for an MP and would like to contribute to this study, please get in touch: hello@parliamentworkflowstudy.org

  • Team & Advisory Board


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    Laura Botsford

    User Research & Service Design, Doing Good

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    Hannah O'Rourke

    Co-founder, Campaign Lab

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    Joe Reeve

    Founder, ToryTechs

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    Fred Fisher

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    Bill Thompson

    Founder, W4MP

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    Tom Steinberg

    Founder, mySociety

  • Methodology


    We are conducting a programme of user research interviews with office staff. User research interviews are a qualitative research method used to gain insights into user needs, behaviors, experiences, and motivations, involving one-on-one conversations between a researcher and a participant, where open-ended questions are posed to gather in-depth understanding of the user's perspective. If you work for an MP and would be interested in contributing to our study by doing an interview, please get in touch: hello@parliamentworkflowstudy.org


    We will soon be sharing a survey for office staff. Please subscribe below to be notified when it's released.